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RapidPrint Flat Fee Refurbish  ($348 + tax & shipping)

For customers who have an existing RapidPrint AR-E, ARL-E or ARC-E date stamp units near the end of life we offer a flat fee refurbish option of $348 plus shipping and tax if applicable.   All refurbished units come with a one year parts and labor warranty same as new units.  

Please allow approximately one week from the date of receipt before return shipping begins.   Additional time may be necessary depending upon the condition of the unit shipped in for refurbishing.

Parts We Automatically Replace or Repair:

Here is a list of the parts that we automatically replace on all refurbished units.
  • New Actuating Pawl Assembly (MSRP $54.45)
  • New Main Drive Motor & Pin Assembly (MSRP $64.53)
  • New RapidPrint ribbon #5650 (MSRP $9.75)
  • New Year Wheel (2 or 4 digit) (MSRP $61.70)
  • Replacement or repair of other worn items included *
* Does not include cosmetic repairs.   Replacement of analog clocks on ARC-E models are an additional $81.28 (customers will be notified beforehand).   LED clocks on ARL-E models will be repaired/replaced as neeeded.   Cosmetic blemishes such as missing paint or dings to the outside case will be cleaned to the best of our ability but will not be repainted.   Special modifications to clocks such as reverse print, extended trigger, repeat switches, visual counters, duplicate/triplicate action printing items are additional if needing to be replaced.

Work Completed on ALL Refurbished Units:

  • Deep clean all wheels and plates (Removes build-up on and inbetween wheels)
  • Check and adjust ribbon advance/reverse mechanisms
  • General interior and exterior cleaning
  • Power blow unit internally to remove debris
  • Oil and lubricate all moving parts
  • Adjust die-plates and print for best overall print quality
  • Test unit for 24 hours

Other RapidPrint Flat-Fee Refurbishing models:

  • RapidPrint A-E   ($248)
  • RapidPrint AD-E   ($298)
  • RapidPrint AN-E   ($398)
  • RapidPrint ADN-E   ($448)
  • RapidPrint C724-E, C724L-E   ($548)
  • RapidPrint VAR-LH-E, VAR-RH-E, VARC-LH-E, VARC-RH-E   ($575)
  • RapidPrint VAD-LH-E, VAD-RH-E   ($575)
  • RapidPrint VAN-LH-E, VAN-RH-E, VADN-LH-E, VADN-RH-E   ($575)
  • RapidPrint ARD-E   ($398)

Flat Fee Exterior Case Refurbishing  ($169 + shipping)

To keep the flat-fee refurbishing prices down, we do our best to clean the exterior case of a unit.   However, there are some customers who may want to have the exterior case of their unit restored.   For this we offer the flat fee exterior case option.   This includes repainting the surface of the shell along with replacing the upper front RapidPrint logo plate and lower cover as well.

Click here to contact us about refurbishing the interior or exterior of your unit

Actual refubished RapidPrint date stamp
Actual Refurbished RapidPrint
Made with Pride in the U.S.A.
  RapidPrint's are Made with Pride in the U.S.A.